Workouts for new moms

New moms face a whole host of unique challenges, and they can make it hard to prioritize fitness. Between mom’s lack of sleep,the baby’s unpredictable sleeping and eating schedule, and the often sketchy childcare at many fitness facilities, it may just be impossible to get yourself to the gym.

That’s why at-home workouts are ideal for new moms. You get a great workout while your baby sleeps in the other room!

You need to be able to carry your new baby (and twice her body weight in supplies!) everywhere you go, so we’ll create a custom workout program for you with that in mind. This will most likely focus on core strength and overall conditioning, with an additional emphasis on body mechanics and balance for carrying heavy or uneven loads.

If you’re a typical mom, you’re probably already putting what baby needs ahead of what you need. So just remember: your health and fitness are important to your baby too!