Free Consultation and Assessment

What are your goals and how can we help you reach them?

Your free consultation begins with an assessment of your general health history, movement patterns, and fitness level.

Then we’ll discuss your goals.

You see, before we begin talking about the “what” or “how” of your exercise program, we need to determine the “why.” The more relevant your goals are to your life, the better your chance of success. So we spend the time to help you figure out things like:

  • Where are you now health and fitness-wise?
  • What do you hope to achieve and what’s your timeline?
  • What motivates you? What activities do you enjoy?
  • How will meeting your goals improve your life?

Once we have some answers, we’ll help you set reasonable, healthy, attainable goals that will be meaningful, relevant, and rewarding to pursue.

At this meeting, you and your trainer will also determine the best space in your home to conduct your workouts. Very little space is necessary, and we generally have no problem tailoring workouts to even the most limited spaces. Often entire workouts are fit into  a spare room, garage, or living room with some furniture cleared (don’t worry, your trainer will help do any necessary rearranging before and after your workout!).

Then the fun starts! We’ll create a custom exercise program for you, based on your experience level, activity preferences, injury or health history, time restrictions, and other lifestyle factors. And we’ll teach you how to exercise safely and efficiently, motivating you to stay on track with your diet and fitness program beyond the time you spend with us.