Mobility and Stability

Remember when you were young, and you could just jump right out of bed each morning without pain or stiffness? Exercise routines that focus on mobility and stability can not only help you regain some of the range of motion we all lose when we sit for hours at time, but also relieve some of the aches and pains most people associate with just getting older. You don’t have to hurt!

While most workouts include some mobility and stability work, we create special programs for those clients who really need to focus on these components of fitness. When we focus on mobility, we look at

  • how you move
  • what movements cause you pain
  • what your limitations are
  • how you personally compensate

Then we’ll teach you proper movement patters and to identify how it feels when you move “right.” You’ll learn to correct yourself so that good movement becomes a part of your life.

The stability portion is an often overlooked, but very important, component of fitness. As we age and lose mobility, often balance and coordination become compromised. This can make it hard to do the things you love, or even accomplish simple daily tasks. So we’ll challenge you with single leg exercises, uneven loads, and unstable surfaces, which will help you when you find yourself in difficult situations in real life.

These programs typically aren’t physically as intense as fat loss or general conditioning workouts, but they’re fun and rewarding. And as you develop the mobility you need to progress, you’ll be ready to build on it to increase your strength and fitness.