Fat loss for better health

For fat-loss clients, we create high-energy workouts that challenge the entire body. If that sounds scary, don’t worry! We start slow, so your body adapts to the increased demands you’re placing on it.

Typically we start with some dynamic warmups that you may remember from your school days: think jumping jacks, body weight squats, push ups, etc. The idea is to get your blood pumping and your muscles warmed up for the work to follow.

Next comes the resistance training portion of the workout. Whole body, compound movements will be the focus – exercises that work large muscle groups at the same time are the most efficient at burning calories (and fat) and make the best use of your workout time.

Most fat-loss workouts will include a “finisher” – a few exercises that get your heart rate up there (safely, of course!) and give you a real sense of accomplishment when you’re done. These are followed by a cool-down period of easy stretches and movements designed to ease your body back to its normal state.

The most important aspect of fat loss, though, is what happens in the kitchen or dining room. We’ll help guide you, make recommendations, and coach and counsel you so you can make healthy choices that will help you meet your goals, lose weight, and fight to temptations and cravings that all of us face.