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Your technology is making you fat

Your technology is making you fat

Why is the world getting fatter? It’s popular these days to say that low fat diets of the 1980s are responsible for the obesity problem we’re facing today.  Most criticism of low fat diets is focused on the replacement of fat with sugar, simple carbs, and more processed foods, and I agree that these things … Continue reading

Who should you follow for fitness info?

I admit it – I could read fitness-related blogs and articles all day. I’m kind of obsessed. This is a short list of my favorite fitness experts to follow on social media. There are plenty of other blogs and websites and Twitter feeds that I follow,  but the folks below are the ones who I … Continue reading

Who wants to hire an out-of-shape trainer?

I’m not a personal trainer yet. But when I decided to become a trainer and nutrition coach, I understood that it was a major commitment. Not just because of the training up front and the ongoing education and all the other changes it would in my life. But because it means my own fitness and … Continue reading

Resistance training – not just for muscles anymore

When most fitness enthusiasts talk about resistance training, they’re talking about strength training using weights, resistance bands, or machines. You know, the stuff you do in the gym to get stronger, lose fat, or build endurance. But there’s another kind of resistance training that is just as important. Maybe even more important. It’s training yourself … Continue reading