Who should you follow for fitness info?

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I admit it – I could read fitness-related blogs and articles all day. I’m kind of obsessed.

This is a short list of my favorite fitness experts to follow on social media. There are plenty of other blogs and websites and Twitter feeds that I follow,  but the folks below are the ones who I count on for consistent, high-quality content. I chose the guys below because they not only provide great information, but they do it regularly. It’s disappointing when you find somebody with fantastic stuff to follow, only to realize that they only produce one article or blog post every few months. The guys below won’t let you down.

If you hate having to weed through three cheesy sales letter emails for every one that delivers something useful, you don’t have to worry about that with any of these guys either. If they send an email, post a new article or tweet a link to a new study, it’s worth the time to take a look.

Eric Cressey
A competitive powerlifter, trainer, and holder of a Masters in Kinesiology, Eric Cressey knows his stuff and is extremely well regarded in the industry (for good reason!). His regular blog posts on assessing and correcting movement, improving strength and performance, and even on the business of personal training, are invaluable. He puts out a ton of free content on a regular basis, and has countless books, ebooks, and videos available as well. If I had to pick just one person to follow for this kind of content, Eric would be the one.

Alwyn Cosgrove
Alwyn Cosgrove is equal parts trainer, motivator, and businessman, and he’s great at all three. His books, New Rules of Lifting, New Rules of Lifting for Abs, and most recently New Rules of Lifting for Life are must-haves for serious fitness enthusiasts. One of my favorite reasons to follow him on social media though is his regular Facebook Speed Coaching, where you can ask him quick training questions and get nearly instant answers.

Adam Bornstein
The editorial director of Livestrong.com, Adam shares great content via his @BornFitness Twitter feed. Livestrong has tons and tons of content but I don’t usually visit unless Adam’s tweeted a link to a new article or study. He also occasionally tweets pictures of his meals, which for some reason I always enjoy.

Jon Goodman/Personal Trainer Development Center
I found Jon when I downloaded his free ebook 101 Personal Trainer Mistakes. It was enough to make me sign up for his newsletter and find him on Twitter. His website is an incredible resource for trainers, but it’s also filled with useful stuff for anyone interested in training might find useful. I’ve corresponded with Jon a little on Twitter and Fitocracy, and he’s a genuine guy who takes the time to answer questions and seems really into helping others out. I’m really looking forward to reading his book Ignite the Fire (Father’s Day gift anyone? hint, hint…)

Alex Hutchinson/Sweat Science
I’m not much of a runner, but I really love Alex’s blog on Runnersworld.com and his @SweatScience Twitter feed. He writes about the science of training and fitness (not just running), breaking down scientific studies to that normal people can understand them.

Doug Robb – Health Habits
I really like Doug’s site because he covers a lot of ground. He’s always posting useful information, new workouts, and the occasional motivational infographic or video. His style is accessible, and from what I can tell from Twitter, he’s a stand-up guy. He shares my basic philosophy, which is that no matter who you are, transformation is possible. And it’s simple. It just doesn’t happen to be easy.


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